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Kayleigh's Wedding Story

Posted on 10 August, 2018 at 0:00 Comments comments (1)
Well what a fantastic morning yesterday spent with Kayleigh and her bridal party. Getting to Know Kayleigh... Kayleigh contacted me about 5 months ago regarding her wedding in August. After a disastrous bridal hair and makeup trial with a salon elsewhere and concerns about whether her dress was the right one for her, she was really starting to panic about the big day looming. After a series of conversations on the phone and via email she decided to book in for a trial. Upon meeting Kayleigh I could tell she was a complete perfectionist and very specific about what she liked and what she didn't like! She also had the hair all wedding hair stylists dream of - lots of long thick wavy locks with a combination of blonde, gold, and warm brown tones - perfect for enhancing curls and texture of Hairstyles. So we started to work firstly on her hair - initially curling and setting, ready for an intricate soft, low bun later on. Then we moved onto her makeup while the curls were setting. After looking at some of her likes and dislikes and also her skin and colouring, I worked out the colour palettes that I was going to use and got to work. Once the curls were set and makeup all applied we got to work on finishing her wedding Hairstyle. The Moment of Truth�?�.. The few moments where kayleigh sat studying her reflection in the mirror were excruciating!! Then finally she said �??I love it!�?? We then continued to play around with a variety of diamanté Hairpieces and her veil to get the finishing touches just perfect. Kayleigh seemed extremely relieved when I left as she had finally found someone she could put her confidence in! Planning�?�. Logistically Kayleigh�??s wedding was quite tricky as there was a venue change halfway through the wedding morning but we allocated extra time in the schedule of running, to allow for the move and then everything was in place ready for the big day. The Big Day�?� A sharp 6am start meant we got going ahead of schedule. With all the bridesmaids having long thick hair and choosing detailed styles this time was valuable. We also had to leave 10 minutes for crusty bacon sandwiches and freshly brewed coffee :) At 8.45am as planned, we promptly left the hotel in the nearby town and travelled over to the amazing, remote venue that is Blackwell Grange. I was thankful I had thought to clean my car the day before, as I was taxi to two of the bridesmaids to free up some room in the Bride�??s car for extra balloons and bits and bobs! I was stunned by the beautiful location of Blackwell Grange. Set in the heart of the Cotswolds, the limestone buildings and thatched barn sat perfectly in the landscaped gardens. I had worked on a number of brides that were getting married there, but they had all been getting ready elsewhere due to the timing availability of the dressing room at the venue. As soon as we arrived we got cracking on the makeup in the bridal dressing room. Kayleigh�??s mum was chuffed to pieces with her makeup and hair, and once combined with the most beautiful floral outfit looked absolutely amazing! All three bridesmaids went for similar pink and rose gold colours combined with a deep Cabernet purple to add some depth and create a contoured eye. Then i used liner and shading to a variety of depths on each bridesmaid: ranging from a much lighter look with minimal liquid liner to a much darker smokier eye as requested. I finished each look with a moisturising mid pink lipstick and a delightful light pink rose in the side of each Hairstyle. Then it was time to focus on a very excited Kayleigh! After dotting around the venue at a million miles an hour, checking everything was just perfect and having plenty of giggles and prosecco with the girls, I finally got her in �??the chair!!�?? Once the base was on I recreated her eyes changing only one small thing from the trial. To make her eyes even more striking I added a combination of short, medium and long cluster eyelashes to each eye. The hair looked even more stunning than at the trial!! A little more height was created to show off a stunning diamanté headband and the ribbons on each end of this were placed into the back of the cleverly twisted and woven style. Lastly a slide was placed in the back, leaving enough room for the veil to be placed in once Kayleigh had put her dress was on. I may�??ve said earlier on in the blog that Kayleigh wasn�??t happy with her initial choice of wedding dress when I met her on the trial. The final piece of the jigsaw slotted into place when she found the dress of her dreams just three weeks before the big day! So the big reveal was extra special as only one other person had seen the dress! And wow - it was phenomenal!! Everyone gasped as she came out of the dressing room looking absolutely amazing! Everything worked so perfectly together. The icing on the cake was placing the veil delicately into the back of the Hairstyle. And then she was ready to marry the man of her dreams!! Such a lovely morning with wonderful people :) Good luck Kayleigh in the next chapter of your life xxx

The Blog is Finally Here!!!

Posted on 29 July, 2018 at 14:00 Comments comments (1)

Gosh - well I have bitten the bullit and done it - after years of thinking about starting a blog today I finally clicked the button to create the famous 'blog' page on my website. So welcome all!! (Although I'm well aware that at the moment of writing this I don't actually have any followers or watchers or whatever you call them!!) :lol: 

So my thinking behind this blog is that most brides would find it quite daunting looking for a Hair and Makeup artist. I think, for some reason, we are labelled as glamorous, superficial,  judgemental people who wouldn't want to hold an 'real' conversation for toffee!!

Then, as a bride, you have to comprehend spending the morning of the most important day of your life with this 'person', have pictures and videos taken with them, even let them help you get into your dress and on top of all of that, store all those memories for the rest of your life. So, by giving you an insight into my life as a hair and makeup artist through this blog, I'm hoping to show the massive population of brides to be out there that Hair and Makeup Artists are real normal people with super normal lives!

In the process,  I will also share as much helpful information with you all you brides out there to help create the absolutely perfect wedding morning possible!!

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming soon:) xx