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Katie Louise and her team solely use Arbonne Cosmetics for all Makeup Work.

All of Arbonne's products are formulated using cutting edge technology by amazing scientists. They are free from animal by-products, parabens, mineral oil, chemical dyes and all the other 'nasties' you find in your high street products. They are also PH balanced which is essential for healthy skin.

Using this long lasting, HD Makeup range gives peace of mind that no 'nasties' are being applied to the skin during any treatment.

 Katie Louise is also an Independent Consultant and Distributor for Arbonne Products running a team of consultants in her District. Arbonne is a Swiss Pure, Safe and Beneficial Cosmetic, Skincare and Nutrition Range. All their amazing products are sold through Independent Consultants across the UK.

Arbonne Consultants let all their customers try their products before they buy which is unheard of on the high street!

Interested in Arbonne?

There are lots of different ways to shop with Arbonne, but the best way to get introduced to the products is to have an 'Arbonne Get Together' or 'One-toOne.' These can be tailored around the area of product you are interested in e.g. Makeup, Skincare, Detoxing etc or can be generalised around the whole range. One things for sure you will be guaranteed an interesting and fun evening with plenty of pampering!!